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Cherries are a sour, red fruit that is smaller in size than cherries. Since the shelf life of cherries, even in the refrigerator, is very short, it can be processed and converted into concentrates to increase its shelf life. Sour cherry concentrate, because it has a special sour and sweet taste, is produced by mixing it with similar types of fruits with this taste, such as plums. Every year there are significant amounts of cherry concentrate.Iran is one of the producers of concentrate in the world, which does this activity with the best fruits and with the help of the most modern devices. The high quality and reasonable price of this Iranian product has made many countries want them and meet their needs with the help of commercial companies.

 Sour Cherry Concentrate Genuine Manufacturer

Why Is the Density of Sour Charry Concentrate High?

Why Is the Density of Sour Charry Concentrate High? Fruit concentrate is produced by a continuous process and this process eventually leads to concentration. Nutrients in fruit concentrates include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and calcium. Due to the fact that the fruits are concentrated, their extracts are taken and other ingredients are added to them, and in general, fruit juices are taken so that only the ingredients remain, so the density of the concentrate is higher than that of fruit syrups or fruit extracts or they have high density concentrate . Is. Fruit concentrate brix, or brix in general, is a measure of the amount of solids in a sample or solution relative to the total weight of the solution. Soluble solids in different industries are mostly the same amount of sugar or sucrose in a solution. Brix is ​​the English term Brix, which is abbreviated as BX in units of measurement. The degree of brix represents the weight percentage of solids in a solution relative to the total weight of the solution, or in other words, the weight percentage of solids in solution. One degree of brix is ​​equivalent to 1 gram of sucrose or sugar in 100 grams of solution.

Why Aren’t Preservatives Used in Cherry Concentrate?

Why Aren’t Preservatives Used in Cherry Concentrate? In the production of some concentrates, such as cherry concentrate, preservatives are not added to them and the reason is the use of special packaging. The body of the holder is made of multilayer cardboard in Tetrapack packaging, which plays the role of chassis while preventing the entry of light. On the cardboard layers, inside the package, a thin layer of aluminum is laminated, which prevents the transfer of contaminants into the package and also the exchange of moisture between the materials inside the package and the outside space. So far, the minimum conditions for storing food have been met, but to increase the resistance of the aluminum layer to acidic food and also to prevent the taste of food inside the container, a thin layer of polyethylene (PE) plastic, which is called polyethylene film. It is located on the innermost wall of the container and on the aluminum layer.

In the production of concentrate in Tetrapack packaging, which has a long shelf life, after reconstructing the juice and during a rapid heating process that is very effective in maintaining maximum flavor and nutritional properties, enter the 7-layer packaging roll called Tetrapack or plastic bottles that are already Sterilized with special chemicals, can be filled in the package. The whole process is done in a closed and completely sterile container to prevent the growth of any microbes in the package and increase the shelf life.

Buy Concentrate at the Best Price

Buy Concentrate at the Best Price Concentrates are stored in factories in metal barrels after production in factories. There are many ways to buy this product. These ways include the following: Resellers Wholesale distribution centers Online sales sites If you want to buy our various products such as organic sour cherry concentrate and you want to know the price, we suggest that you inquire about the price of the product through online sales sites. But note that the volume of your purchase and the quality of the product directly affect the final cherry concentrate price.

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