Lime Juice Concentrate in Bulk Available for Sale

As you know, lime juice concentrate is the most popular extract among the extracts used in the world, which is added daily by all human beings to make their foods, desserts and desserts more palatable. In addition to popularity, this product has unique and amazing properties that play a major role in body health. Extensive applications of lime juice concentrate have made its purchase and sale market very popular. We can guide you to the differences between different types of lemon juices correctly. If you want to buy this product, stay with us to benefit from our help.

 Lime Juice Concentrate in Bulk Available for Sale

Learn More about Lime Juice Concentrate Ingredients

Learn More about Lime Juice Concentrate Ingredients lime concentrate ingredients include: Lemon juice , which contain citric acid, are used in products such as some salad dressings and pickles. Lemon juice with a pH of 2 to 2.6 is considered very acidic. Lemon juice has about 0.05 grams per milliliter of citric acid. The percentage of citric acid in dried lemon is up to 8%. organic lime concentrate and lime juice are rich sources of citric acid, which contain 1.44 and 1.38 grams per ounce, respectively. Lemon juice and lime concentrates contain 1.10 and 1.06 grams per ounce, respectively. The citric acid content of commercial lemonade and other fruit juice products varies widely, from 0.03 to 0.22 grams per ounce. Lemon juice and lime, from both fresh fruit and water concentrates, provide more citric acid per liter than ready-to-eat grapefruit juice, ready-to-eat orange juice, and squeezed orange juice from the fruit. Lemonade formulations are ready to use and those that need to be mixed with water contain 6 times citric acid, per ounce, lemon juice and lime. Approximately 30% of the weight of each lemon is water, of which 6 to 8% of the water obtained from each lemon is citric acid and the rest is vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C.

How Much Organic Lime Concentrate Juice Equals One Lime?

How Much Organic Lime Concentrate Juice Equals One Lime? To produce lemon juice, first the purchased lemons are sent to the factory or workshop, and then the quality control unit examines and tests the lemons, and if they are qualified and approved, they enter the next stage, ie the washing stage, after Washing and cleaning, the lemons are sent to the cutting section and cut and passed through the presses, and after these processes, they are preheated or the same as the gas extractor, later due to the uniformity of the lemon juice texture to the homogenizer. At this stage, the lemon juice is pasteurized and after passing through the cooler plate, the lemon juice is cooled. Finally, the obtained lemon juice should be tested and when it is finally approved, it is ready to be packaged.

1- At first, lemon is needed to produce lemon juice, and for every 2 kg of lemon, 1 kg of lemon juice is obtained.

2 – In the next step after preparing the lemon, you need a bottle to pour the lemon juice into it, lemon juice bottles are produced in different shapes and materials such as plastic, metal and glass, depending on the taste of the producer, and for 5 kg. Lemon juice requires 4 glasses of 250 cc.

Genuine Distributor of Lime Juice Concentrate

Genuine Distributor of Lime Juice Concentrate The production process of concentrate can greatly affect the quality of a product, and since quality is very important in the case of food because it directly affects human health. Therefore, paying attention to quality and standard when buying these products is very important and it is important to know whether chemicals have been added to the product during the concentrate process or not. Lemon concentrate has different types, among which sour lemon concentrate has many benefits and is also reasonably priced. You can use our tips and online website to provide your products with the best quality available in the sales market at the best possible price. Visit our website and concentrate genuine distributor and also see a variety of products at exceptional prices to buy it.

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