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Fruit concentrate is made and manufactured by removing water from squeezed fruit, The process contains washing, scrubbing, crushing, and or blending the fruit,When the process is ultimately done, what remains is a thick product which is called Fruit Concentrate or Fruit Extract.

What is fruit concentrate?

There are some technological ways for extracting the pulp out of the fruit. The most common ways of doing so are vacuum concentration, freeze concentration, and aroma recovery. To choose a suitable method, quality must be considered first. What is produced contains soluble solids of 65%-70%, known as the Level of Brix. The level of Brix measures the total amount of sugar in the content. In the following paragraphs, each method is defined and elaborated on. Vacuum concentrate requires applying heat to fruit under low pressure to let the water inside evaporate quickly. The equipment used in this method is classified into single-effect and multiple-effect concentrate devices. What is fruit concentrate?

Types of  fruit concentrate

Each of the devices above determines the heat steam applied. The heat required comes from primary steam and secondary steam. The former is called single-effect. If the latter is used for another heating, then it is called the multiple-effect.   This method is typically appropriate for thermally sensitive fruits. It is a processing technique that is used to extract water out of a sample without causing it to lose its valuable aromatics. This type is more effective for fruits like citrus, grapes, watermelon, lychees, mangoes, cucumbers, etc. Types of  fruit concentrate

Application of Fruit Concentration

Since the fruit concentrate is directly taken or extracted from natural fruit, so it does not have any pollution or contaminated content. It is rich in valuable materials and nutrients. It is worth stating that fruit concentrate is not only used in the drinking industry but also serves as a basis in food markets.   Some might wonder what the difference between aseptic and non-aseptic is. Aseptic packaging is commonly the most acceptable way required by customers. Aseptic, hence, is a word depicting the procedure in which everything has been done to prevent transferring microorganisms from the environment to the content. Application of Fruit Concentration

Specifications of Fruit Concentration

Cost and transportation play significant roles in exportation, that’s why the fruit concentrate has attracted business people and merchants from these two aspects. Since the volume is significantly reduced, it facilitates the process of exporting goods. Just imagine that a merchant wanted to export a huge sum of fruit to another country and then get them to be kept in the factories for the process of concentration. Specifications of Fruit Concentration

Buyying  fruit concentrate

As you know, fruits are perishable goods or commodities, therefore it’s important to provide a suitable substratum for their storage. In the process of transportation, some external factors like the temperature and sunlight might have negative impacts on the product. Using the most innovative technologies, the extract can be stored even for a long period. Buyying  fruit concentrate

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