Apple Juice Concentrate Premium Distributor

Apple juice concentrate is the same juice produced from apples that has a high nutritional value. Even today, due to its unique taste, they are very popular among people, especially children, and can be used as a snack. Today, many factories and production centers have started to produce such products. Our company has also joined hands with experienced people to deliver apple juice concentrate to you, dear customers, with excellent quality and reasonable prices. If you want to get acquainted with the production process of this popular product, stay tuned.

 Apple Juice Concentrate Premium Distributor

How Is the Fruit Concentrate Made?

How Is the Fruit Concentrate Made? Fruit concentrate or concentrated fruit juice consists of different stages and is produced through a continuous and sequential process that eventually leads to fruit concentration. At first, the fruit enters the concentrate production factories and after being emptied in the tanks, it is directed to the presses by moving water. In the next stages, after dehydration, it reaches filtration and concentration. At the end, the concentrated water of fruits, which is called concentrate, is transferred to the packaging and packing stage after pasteurization processes. In general, the production process of fruit concentrate is as follows:

1_Preparation of fruit 2_ Washing 3_ Getting fruit juices 4_filtration (at least in two stages) 5_ Air deaeration 6- Concentrate 7_Storage of concentrate in large tanks

It should be noted that in the meantime, filtration is usually done under vacuum or ceramic, and the resulting water must lose all its fibers and antioxidants behind the drum filters or ceramic cylinders to be transparent. The concentrate produced is stored in tanks or barrels, and for consumption, six times the volume should be added to the water and, if necessary, perfume, fragrance, essential oils and lost vitamins. In the process of concentrate production, after transporting raw materials, various fruits such as cherries, apples, grapes, pomegranates and oranges and… to the factory and transfer it by water pressure into special channels and initial washing, on a special rail strip, substandard materials are separated. Then, the appropriate fruits are transferred to the crusher, and from there, after preliminary heating, they enter the press machine to separate the fruit juice, and finally, the resulting juice enters the concentrating stage to produce concentrate. During the concentration of fruits, their density like apple concentrate density is high due to taking water from them and adding substances to concentrate it.

9 Amazing Properties of Apple Concentrate That Convince You to Use It Every Day

9 Amazing Properties of Apple Concentrate That Convince You to Use It Every Day 1- Apple concentrate is a tonic for the body due to its potassium, dietary fiber, beta carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins and plant compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids and is effective in treating many diseases, especially heart disease and apple concentrate calories is high and because of this it comes early satiety.

2- They prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the arteries, which reduces stress in the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

3_ Consumption of apple juice improves fat peroxidation and antioxidant status in blood serum.

4_ Treatment of asthma

5_ Improve intestinal function

6_ Weight loss in principle

7_ Reduce the risk of lung diseases

8_ Anti-cancer properties

9_ It is anti-inflammatory

Why Do Exporters of Concentrate Buy from Us?

Why Do Exporters of Concentrate Buy from Us? In preparing fruit concentrate, especially export fruit juice concentrate, special attention should be paid to product quality. During concentration, substances are added to the fruit extract for concentration, which if it is not correct, the quality and standard of these added substances will cause corruption and disease. Therefore, when buying such products, you should buy from reputable companies and factories.

As mentioned, the quality of these products is very important and for this we can help and guide you because our company has tried over the years to produce quality products and deliver them to you dear customers. You can refer to our online website to buy this product or juice concentrate export, and with the help of our support, you can prepare the highest quality apple juice concentrate at a reasonable price and consume it with confidence.

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